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Trisha Harris Photography loves community over competition. That means she loves to partner with other photographers in many forms. Do you want to learn more about being a photographer? Interested in learning the art behind posing babies? Want to shadow me or assist me with a shoot?

Now with the opening of our studio space I will be offering mentor sessions for one on one or two on one, group workshops to include hands on and fly on the wall.


If you are interested sign up to receive information first on when we will be offering these.





Mentor Sessions:

Mentor sessions are more intimate learning focused sessions. These can be 1:1 or 2:1 sessions. These will take place in my studio and offer you hands on learning and questioning. You will get my undivided attention to master posing and workflow. This is a full day offering to cover posing, wrapping, newborn safety, prop shots and more. You will need to know how to use your camera in manual settings.

Mentor Sessions Pricing:

1:1 Full day $1000

2:1 Full day $600 each









Workshops will be offered in studio. If you would like to host a workshop in your area, please reach out to me. I would love to come visit. Workshops will be small settings 5-8 people to allow time for questions and hands on learning. Workshops will cover posing, lighting, wrapping, newborn safety, prop shots and more. You will need to have a DSLR camera and know how to use and operate the camera in manual settings. Workshops are either a full day or two day.


Workshops usually start at $500





Fly on the Wall:

Fly on the wall style workshops will allow you to watch me work and ask questions as I move through a newborn session. This style of learning allows you to see first hand how a session flows from start to finish and gain a better understanding of real time shooting. There is no hands on during this session, so no camera is needed. You will see some set up, posing, wrapping and workflow between poses. Fly on the Wall workshops are half day with lunch included. Attendees can be up to 5 people. Scheduling these are flexible.

Fly on the wall: $350


Critigue and Guide at your studio

Want me to come to your studio and critique you while you do your thing? Let me see first hand where you work, the tools you have and your areas of struggle to help you overcome them. I let you do all the posing, I simply help you along the way to allow you to master your own workflow and tools.

Studio Visits: $350




Testimonies from past students


I highly recommend mentoring with Trisha Harris. I spent a day doing hands on training with her and it was more valuable than all of the online training I’ve done put together. She holds nothing back and goes over every step in great detail. A very worthy investment!

- Victoria

It's not everyday that you meet someone that shares the same passion as you. Trisha's love for photography shows in every aspect of her work. She is an outstanding teacher and mentor in an industry that continues to change and grow. I will forever be grateful for all of her support and guidance. Worth every penny and then some! ♡

- Taneal


As a photographer, deciding to invest in yourself is such a hard decision. I have followed and envied Trisha's photography page for months. I decided to pull the trigger and schedule our one on one mentoring. You can buy great cameras and all the lenses but that's not the only thing you need to create beautiful newborn images. Sometimes you just need someone to whisper in your ear! Trisha was an open book and shared everything and anything I asked her. She is genuinely out to lift you up. She asked about the specific poses that I wanted to practice and she showed me a practical work flow that makes sense. She was in my ear reminded me of the angles and we would each take photos and compare! This was one of the best investments I have made in my business and I have stunning images to take away as well. If you're wondering if it's worth it I am here to tell you, IT IS!